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I ahve added a noew way to contact me for bookings. It is called Thumbtack, and it looks to be much like Gigmasters and Gigsalad. It has some advantages, like building a Craigs list advertisement and some other perks. I will keep you posted

Eliminating Mediocrity through Excellence

The corporate holiday season is upon us and I have received a few calls from party planners already. Now I realize that times are tough, and money is tight, but what I do not understand is when they call and get my price, then they shop around,and call back tell me that they want me to do the show, but at the lower price of another entertainer. They realize that the other entertainer does not fit exactly what they are looking for, but they like the price. On the otherhand I better fit what they want, and they expect me to perform for a reduced price of the other entertainer.

One thing I have learned, is if you are quick to discount your price then you do not value what you do. Imagine finding out the price of a Moped, and then going into the Harley Davidson dealer and explaining that you would like to have a Harley, and would be glad to give them what you would pay for the Moped, after all they are both a 2 wheeled vehicle. Now obviously they are not the same thing, they are not the same price and if you are reading this and do not see the difference in quality and performance stick with the Moped.

I provide quality entertainment, and professional experience. That is what differentiates me from the hobbyist. I understand that my job is to provide a show that entertaines so that your guests walk away with a positive memorable experience. Though I am on stage for a short period of time it is the customer who ultimately stands in the spotlight, and the show that is provided will last for them long after the entertainer has left the building. In the end it is the client that has to live with the ramifications of picking based on price, or the accolades of providing quality entertainment, leaving guests with a positive experience.