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AskemAskem Says…

Askem is my Blue and Gold Macaw, he loves doing magic, and quite often he can be seen around town as we run some errands.  Askem makes friends wherever he goes.  Today he has a very special message.  Halloween is just around the corner, and this week we have been performing our Halloween safety show for elementary schools in our area.  So Askem has a list to go over with your Trick-or Treater before they head out to get their goodies…

  1. The Buddy System – Always Trick-or-Treat with a buddy.  This could be a parent, or friends, or both.  There is safety in numbers, and especially out at night in costumes where trickery is part of the fun.  make sure that you know who you are with, and stay with them.
  2. Stay on The Sidewalk – Walking in the street can be dangerous!  Drivers are not always looking for kids walking in the street.  If there are no sidewalks in your neighborhood then stay as far to the left side of the street as possible.  This will enable you to see oncoming traffic, and hopefully they will see you too.
  3. Always Carry a Flashlight – Glow sticks are good but not as good as a flashlight.  The flashlight is not only good for cars to see trick-or-treater, but also a good way for trick-or-treater to see where they are going.  Let’s face it it gets dark early, and sometimes walkways are overgrown, broken up, or just not kept up.
  4. No Lights means Walk on By – Only visit houses with their lights on.  Not everyone celebrates Halloween, or maybe they are not home, or maybe they have even run out of treats.  Make sure you only go to houses you know, and even then only the ones with the lights on.
  5. What Big Eyes You Have – Make sure, if you are wearing a mask, that it has eye holes that are large enough for you to see through, and that the mask stays on your face in a way that the eye holes stay over your eyes.  All of the lighted sidewalks, walkways, streets, and houses cannot help if you cannot see out of your mask.
  6. No Snacking – There will be plenty of time to eat all of your goodies when you get home.  Do not snack on any of your candy until you get home and your parents can check it out.
  7. Time – Make sure that you have a check in time, if you are out with your friends, make sure that you check in at home from time to time, so that everyone knows that you are safe.  This could be with your cellphone, or if you are in your neighborhood, you can stop by your house empty your candy bag, and get a fresh start.

That’s it.  Askem says that this is a great way to keep kids safe this Halloween.  So go out and make it a Fun and Safe Halloween…