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mot-de-passe-peu-surAre you using a ‘one size fits all’ password?
Then think again!
An unfortunate fact perhaps, but as long as there are computers there will be cybercrime. In fact, it seems that we can barely pick up a newspaper these days without discovering yet another new and ingenious way that hackers have invented to steal our online identities, not to mention the contents of our bank accounts!

One of the latest scams that has come to light was unearthed by Twitter, who identified some unusual activity in the accounts of some of its users. Apparently, a suite of rogue torrent sites, normally used to download music and films, were being used to steal the login information of subscribers. While at first this might not seem to represent any particular threat, a recent survey identified that a massive 73% of people use the same password for their online banking transactions as they do for their non finance-related activities. Find one password, therefore, and the cyber criminals potentially have the key to every website that you use.
If you do nothing else today, give some consideration to the security of your online accounts and if you are one of the 73%, be sure to change your passwords so that they are unique to each site. Many banking and financial websites these days show you the strength of the password that you have selected, so be sure to choose something which gives you maximum protection but remember, never write it down in a form which could be recognized by ‘offline’ thieves.
Identity theft is one of the biggest crimes on the planet, and it continues to grow.  Today it is not only convenient to use on-line banking, credit cards, and the internet, but it is so commonplace that it is easy to forget the risk associated with that convenience.  It is hard to remember all of the different passwords, and many people take shortcuts, and hackers count on our laziness to boost their profits.  The good news is there are many programs out there to help you create high quality, hard to hack passwords.  Some are free, and some require a purchase. either way they can help you create a password that make it almost impossible to get to your information.
Just a suggestion, DO NOT USE any password that is a word in the english language, they are far too easy to hack.  If you take a look at the graphic below, you can see how long it takes for a hacker to crack information based on current password hacking programs that are out there.password-strength
The more complex the password, the longer it takes…but none of these complexities can help if everything you have is kept under the exact same password. 
5 Simple steps to Password Peace Of Mind
  1. Do not share passwords with anyone
  2. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters
  3. Change passwords often
  4. Use multiple passwords – a different password for different sits
  5. Use a random password generator
Well That’s all for today…Remember magicians are great at keeping their secrets, passwords are how you keep your secrets… I’ll talk to you next time.